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Monday, March 4, 2019

Simmba 2018 Full Hindi Movie Download Hd

                           Simmba 2018 Full Hindi Movie Download Hd

IMDb Rating: 3.0/10
Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama
Director: Rohit Shetty
Release Date: 28 December 2018 
Star Cast: Sara Ali Khan, Ranveer Singh, Ajay Devgn
Movie Story: Simmba, a Corrupt Officer, enjoys all the perks of being an immoral and unethical police officer until a life-changing event forces him to choose the righteous path.

|| Full Movie Free Download Via Single Links Size 1.1Gb ||

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

How To Fix ShareIt Errors (SHAREit Not Working On PC) funny pandit

How To Fix ShareIt Errors (SHAREit Not Working On PC) funny pandit
Read This Post To Learn How To Fix Shareit Errors (SHAREit not working on PC). The popular file sharing app has some minor problems. However, you can easily fix them.
Fix SHAREit Errors (SHAREit not Working on PC)
SHAREit is a utility app that allows users to transfer files from one device to another. SHAREit is cross-platform, and thus users can send and receive files from mobile devices and computers. Officially the app supports Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Computers.
SHAREit is developed by Lenovo which is a major company with experienced individuals, but that doesn’t mean that the app is flawless. The app has minor problems here and there, and they have been fixed slowly with each new update. Here at funny pandit we will identify some common problems faced by users. And, some of the solutions on how to fix SHAREit errors (SHAREit not working on PC).
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Fix ShareIT Errors (SHAREit Not Working on PC)

#1. Fix ShareIt App Unable to Connect to PC

Most of the users face this issue. The SHAREit app for PC is still under development, and so a lot of user’s computers get hung up while connecting to SHAREit on PC. SHAREit for PC is slow while starting and while this can be fixed in regular updates, the crashing has not yet been fully fixed.
If SHAREit cannot connect over Wi-Fi, here are some things you can try:
Step 1. Go to Windows Defender and switch it off. Also, turn off any other firewalls or anti-virus programs that may be running in the background.
Step 2. If you don’t want to do the above option, then make an exception for SHAREit in the antivirus. It is a complicated procedure, so it is better to simply turn off the antivirus while you are using SHAREit and then turn it on later.

Users also noticed that if you’re trying to connect to SHAREit on PC using the hotspot from your laptop or notebook, it does not connect quickly. It is better to use the mobile hotspot on your phone instead. To do this, follow these steps:
Step 1: On your phone, launch the SHAREit app. Open the navigation drawer by clicking on the top right corner and select the Connect To PC option.
Step 2: Disconnect from the Wi-Fi you are currently connected to on your PC or laptop (Do not disable Wi-Fi).
Step 3: Launch the SHAREit app on your computer and click “Search Hotspot of Mobile” button. Wait for afew seconds.
Step 4: On your mobile phone, select “PC Search mobile” and clicked the searched avatar to connect to PC.
Users have also observed that simply turning Wi-Fi on your laptop or PC off and then on again also helps frequently.

#2. Fix Unable to Send or Receive Files using the SHAREit app

If you fail to send or receive any file, then you might have restricted background data usage for SHAREit. Our phone calculates all the data sent and received by the SHAREit app and will consider it as mobile data if you are using mobile data. If you have limited data usage, then go to settings>mobile data and over there disable the limit you have set. If this does not fix it, then go to “Restrict background data” and make sure that your phone is not restricting background data for SHAREit.

#3. Unable to send files larger than 100mb on Windows phones

This problem can be fixed by updating the Shareit app to the latest version. It was a bug in the testing version of the app and has now been fixed. If it still doesn’t work for you then take a look at the solution of the above problem; that solution might help you.

#4. Change in hotspot name

SHAREit changes the name of the hotspot and also removes the password so that you don’t have to enter the hotspot password and the process of sending files is easier but after sending the file. It does not revert to the old settings, and the name stays with the removed password. If you have experienced this bug, then update your app to the latest version.


These were some of the problems frequently encountered by users. These were the solutions on how to fix ShareIT errors (SHAREit Not Working on PC). If we have missed a bug and its fix, please let us know in the comments section below.

Making our strikes system clear and consistent

We’re updating the way we give Community Guidelines strikes to a new, simpler system. We’ve worked with creators to understand what’s working and what’s not, and you told us that consistent enforcement, clear policies, and transparency about the impact of a strike are most important. So we’re introducing more opportunities for everyone to understand our policies, a consistent penalty for each strike, and better notifications.

More opportunities to learn YouTube’s policies

Although 98% of you never break our Community Guidelines, they are vital to making YouTube a strong community and balancing freedom of expression with the freedom to belong. That’s whyfrom our earliest dayswe’ve relied on a three-strikes system and email notices to give everyone a chance to review and understand what went wrong before they face more severe consequences. And it works: 94% of those who do receive a first strike never get a second one.

We want to give you even more opportunities to learn about our policies, so starting February 25, all channels will receive a one-time warning the first time they post content that crosses the line, with no penalties to their channel except for the removal of that content. This is to make sure everyone takes the time to learn about our Community Guidelines, and then can quickly get back to creating great content and engaging with their audience in a way that complies with our rules.

Along with this new warning, we are also expanding the policy resources available in our help center to give more detail about what behavior will result in a strike. This includes new, detailed examples of the kind of content we commonly see that breaks our rules.

Consistent strikes across all of YouTube

We’re also making the penalty for violating our Community Guidelines the same wherever it happens. While most strikes result from videos, our Community Guidelines cover all content on YouTube, including stories, custom thumbnails, or links to other websites included in a video’s description or infocard.

Previously, not all strikes had the same penalty on your channel. For example, first strikes on videos would trigger a 90-day freeze on live streaming, and second strikes would result in a two-week freeze on new video uploads. We heard from many of you that this was confusing and the penalty didn’t match the source of the strike. Now, based on your feedback, all Community Guidelines strikes will have the same penalty:

As mentioned, everyone who uploads content to YouTube will now receive a warning the first time their content crosses the line. Although the content will be removed, there will be no other penalty on the channel. There will be only one warning and unlike strikes, the warning will not reset after 90 days.

  • The first strike will result in a one-week freeze on the ability to upload any new content to YouTube, including live streaming, and other channel activities. Strikes will expire after 90 days.
  • The second strike in any 90-day period will result in a two-week freeze on the ability to upload any new content to YouTube.
  • The third strike in any 90-day period will result in channel termination.

Transparency about your channel status

Finally, we always want to make it clear why a strike occurred, what it means for your channel, and the next steps that are availableincluding appealing the decision in case you think it was a mistake. To that end, we’re making our email and desktop notifications clearer, and they will provide more details on which policy was violated. We are also adding new mobile and in-product notifications to make sure you have all the important information about a strike available at a glance.

These updates are part of our ongoing work to make sure that YouTube is the best place to listen, share, and create community through your stories. Our strikes system is an important way for us to help creators and artists understand when they’ve crossed the line by uploading content that undermines that goal, and your feedback has helped to make this system work better for the entire community. We’ll build on this and all the progress we’ve made over the last year by continuing to consult with you as we strengthen enforcement and update our policies. We want to make sure they're easy to understand and address the needs of the global YouTube community.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Download VivaVideo for PC/Laptop Windows 10/7/8

Download VivaVideo for PC/Laptop Windows 10/7/8
Download VivaVideo for PC here. Learn how to download and install Viva Video to your PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10 by reading this entire article. Viva Video by QuVideo is a video editor, movie maker, photo + video editor, slideshow maker, video player and converter with HD video camera, professional video editing tools and 1000+ video effects. With over 50 million downloads, it is one of the best video editors on the Play Store for Android. And now the VivaVideo for PC is now available.
viva video for pc
No matter if you are a professional filmmaker. Or, just want to show your pictures from a recent camping trip to your friends in the form of a movie. A good video editor is essential to create a movie that is interesting to watch. And it is easy to create at the same time. The videos that you have been created can easily be shared with your friends by using the best file-sharing apps you know. You can use SHAREit APK and SHAREit for PC, or Xender APKand Xender Web.
That’s the main reason why VivaVideo app became so popular. It’s one of the best video editor apps available out there. However, editing on the small screen of a mobile phone is tedious. And incorrect touches on the screen can lead you to pull out your hair in frustration. It is much easier to edit videos or draw on the screen using a mouse or a trackpad. Though Viva Video has not released an official VivaVideo for PC, today, we will teach you how to use Viva Video on a computer without having to port the application.
An emulator is a software that allows you to run another device on your computer. Therefore, we can use an Android emulator to run the Android operating system on your computer without having to go through any complex procedure. There are many Android emulators available like MEmu, Andy OS, BlueStacks and Nox App Player. In this tutorial, we are going to make use of BlueStacks. BlueStacks is free to use and is one of the best Android emulators that run Android apps on PC (lag free and fast; sometimes faster than on a mobile phone).
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Download VivaVideo for PC

VersionVivaVideo 7.5.1
Size38.2 MB
RequirementWindows 7 and up
AuthorQuVideo Inc.
Please check our website ‘‘ to get other APKs that we have provided.

Download and Install VivaVideo for PC Windows Laptop

Step 1: Download BlueStacks Emulator on your Computer from the download link provided below. It is a relatively large file of size 400 MB so make sure that you have a good internet connection.

Step 2: After it has been downloaded, install BlueStacks. Installation is easy and does not require any advanced knowledge. Complete Bluestacks installation process by clicking on the downloaded file and then following the on-screen instructions.
Step 3: When starting BlueStacks for the first time, it will take around 5 to 6 minutes depending on your computer. And will then ask you to log into your Google Account to setup BlueStacks. After this initial setup is done, follow the next step.
Step 4: After you have logged in to your Google Account and have setup BlueStacks according to your liking, go to the My Apps tab and then open the “System Apps” folder. Over there you will see that Google Play Store is pre-installed. You can just open it and search for the VivaVideo app, then install it on Bluestacks just like how you install any android app on your phone using Google Play. Or if you want a premium version without paying a dime, try checking the Freedom APK as they offer paid apps for free in there.
Pro Tip: You can also download VivaVideo as an APK file and then “open it using Bluestacks.” You can download VivaVideo APK by clicking the download button below.
Step 5: Now you can launch the app from Bluestacks apps screen. Login or skip in VivaVideo, and it will take you to the main screen. VivaVideo Editor is now successfully installed on your computer. Now you can edit videos using your mouse and keyboard, Enjoy using The VivaVideo App on your PC.


VivaVideo editor is an ‘On the road editor’ which allows users to create films quickly. The free version of the app places a watermark at the bottom of the screen. But it is removable by purchasing the full version of the app. And more features will unlock after going pro or premium. The app is worth buying considering its price.
VivaVideo works very well for short clips. You can add, edit, clip and move them according to your liking and add elegant transitions between them very easily. On top of all this, you can add text to your videos easily in the font of your liking and in the color you choose. You can also add effects like Black and White and Negative to your clips. It also allows users to play a particular clip in slow or fast motion so you can create beautiful time lapses of the sunset at the beach while you are on the plane returning home. You can also add music to your films. It comes with five music tracks, but you can always add more yourself.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Download Pokemon Go for PC/Laptop Windows 10/7/8

Download Pokemon Go for PC/Laptop Windows 10/7/8
Pokemon Go for PC: Learn how to download and install Pokemon Go on your computer or laptop. Follow the simple steps below enjoy hunting for Pokemon characters.
Pokemon Go for PC
Pokemon GO developed by Niantic and The Pokemon Company is an augmented reality game which supports both Android and iOS. If you know Pokemon Emerald, although they are similar, they are not created by the same developer.
Originally, the game was launched on 6th July, It has become a huge hit since its release generating around 7.5 billion revenue to the company. According to the stats, Pokemon Go might even leave behind Twitter in terms of Daily Active Users.
Pokemon Go is a very popular game for Android and iPhone, yet, it is still not available for PC. Other games like Subway Surfers for PCClash of Clans for PC and Temple Run for PC are also originally made for Android and iOS users. Thankfully, the developer made an Android emulator such as Bluestacks and Nox Player for these games be possible on PCs.
Don’t worry though, you can follow the steps mentioned below to run Pokemon Go for PC or computer very easily without much of hassle. If you want then you can also read the old method for playing pokemon go on PC. So, let’s get started.
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Download Pokemon Go for PC

VersionPokemon Go 0.127.2
Size86.4 MB
RequirementWindows 7 and up
AuthorNiantic, Inc.

Download and Install Pokemon Go for PC

Follow the Steps to download BlueStacks and install Pokemon Go for PC.
Step 1. Download and install an Android emulator on your PC. We recommend Bluestacks App Player.
Step 2. Now, you need to go to Google Play Store on Bluestacks. Find Pokemon Go and install it just like how you install apps to your Android device.
Step 3. Once you click the Install button on Google Play Store, it will automatically download and install. You just need to wait until it finished the process.

Features OF Pokemon GO for PC

It is an augmented reality game that uses your GPS to find your location, and you find Pokemon according to your area. Like if you live near the sea, you will most likely find the water Pokemon. A Professor is there in the game who provides you with all the necessary instructions. He hands you over your first pokemon when you start the game. You can also give your pokemon that you do not need back to the professor and have rewards in return.
Pokemon originally had 151 species. Later the number was expanded to as many as 720 pokemon. This game only has 151 original pokemon, and they can be evolved and upgraded using various rewards. The Gyms situated around you are the places where you can fight with other users and earn rewards by which you can upgrade your pokemon. Niantic is going to organize public events in many areas for the users from all around the world can come and trade the rare pokemon between themselves.


Having Pokemon Go on your PC is a great experience. You can play on a wider screen, plus PC can function faster than mobile phones. If you are having a problem getting Pokemon Go, then leave us a comment. We here at 7Downloads will be more than glad to assist you through the process.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

How To Make a YouTube Channel

let's take a look at how to create a YouTube channel so what you want to do is go to click on sign in and if you don't already have an account you're going to need to create an account if you do have a Google account you can go ahead and just sign in and if you have multiple accounts you can of course choose whichever one you want but by default you'll have your default account here which is just your public account and we will go to ok and now you're logged into YouTube as yourself what you want to do is click here on this little square here and then you want to click on this little gear icon that takes you to an overview of your account settings you want to click on see my channels or create a new channel and here you can create a new channel if you want to create multiple channels let's go to create a new channel so we can start from scratch we'll name our channel we'll select a category and we'll check this box to agree to the page terms you should of course read these terms if you're concerned about that go ahead and click done now there's a little tour box that pops up if you want to follow this tour you can do that if not you can just click this X to close it the next thing that we'll do is we will click on this icon here for our channel and we will click on creator studio now it wants us to upload a video and you may or may not have videos at this point let's just wait to do the video uploading and let's just set up our channel so here we have some options to navigate through our channel and do some different tasks so let's go to channel first and that will let us set all the settings for our channels now there's a few steps you have to go through to legitimise your channel here with Google you'll want to click the verify button and that will go ahead and verify your account status and just make sure that you're an actual person community guidelines and copyright shows your status on YouTube if you have copyright violations which you can get by uploading other people's content like music and video and photos that you didn't create yourself you may get in some trouble with YouTube and these might not be a good standing so you want to make sure that whatever you upload is 100% yours and if you do upload other people's content you want to make sure that you have permission to do it now you can monetize your videos monetization means that ads will be shown on your videos and if people click on those ads then you get ad revenue this can be helpful to generate income for your website or for your YouTube channel we have to choose our country location before signing up for monetization so let's click on that we'll choose our country I'm in the United States so I'm just going to hit you on the keyboard which I'll drop us down to the use I'll select United States now this is a good point to focus on keywords keywords are the phrases and the words that people are going to search for to find your channel so you want to find maybe about five or ten keywords that really describe what you have on your channel so my channel is going to be about tutorials for YouTube so I would put YouTube tutorials and so on so that describes what's on my channel and if people type in free video lessons for YouTube creators there's a chance that my channel might come up you can link your AdWords account if you're using AdWords to advertise your videos channel recommendations you can allow your channel to appear in other channels recommendations which is a good thing because it gets you free exposure so I would recommend leaving this checked subscriber counts it's up to you if you want to display the number of subscribers on your channel or not I recommend that you display it because the number of subscribers shows how well your channel is doing if you have a Google Analytics account ID you can add that in here and you'll be able to see the statistics for your YouTube channel in Google Analytics let's go ahead and click Save to save these changes let's go back to status and features in the channel area and now we can enable monetization you'll have to click enable my account go back to status and features longer videos if you want to be able to upload videos longer than 15 minutes you'll want to click this here external annotations means that if you add an annotation to your video it'll let you link to your website but it has to be a specific website that you own so you'll have to go through the hoops here to set this up you can learn more by clicking this link unlisted in private videos means that some of your videos can be not visible to the public live events if you want to stream live over the Internet you can enable that here and video editor is enabled so you can edit video is with YouTube but it's better to edit videos with actual video editing software let's go to end video programming we don't need to worry about this right now but if you already have videos that you want to upload you can go ahead and start tweaking this a little bit adding a watermark adds a little watermark to the corner of your screen this could be your logo or a photo of yourself feature one of your videos or playlists across all of your videos means that you can have a little commercial pop up during your videos and that could talk about a product or a new video series or just about anything and you can change this out as often as you like adding a branding intro is a little intro around three seconds that you can add that has a little jingle or a little animation and this can be applied to all of your videos so you don't really need to mess with this right now fan finder will go to next this is sort of similar to your in video programming where you can add a channel add this could be the same add or any add but really this is just free advertising so put up a video here that describes your channel in a nutshell you may not want to really worry about this at this point because if you're creating a new channel you probably don't have any videos so you won't really have much to talk about for a while so you can always come back to this later what's going on in this column here let's take a look our dashboard is how you get to your main hub and eventually when you have some videos this will show you some stats it will show you the view count and likes on your most recent videos and a few different things some of your comments and pretty much everything you're going to want to see on a daily basis if you look at video manager this is going to show you all of your videos once you have some videos uploaded you can search through them and edit them in different ways add keywords organize them and so on playlists are very important because you may want to order your videos in series so that they come up in a specific order or group together in a specific way so keep that in mind when you're creating videos that you can put multiple videos into multiple playlists let's take a look at community community is the area where you can check out all of your messages and subscribers we don't really need to worry about this yet because we're not going to get into fan engagement until we actually have some fans which won't happen until we have some videos uploaded analytics will show you how well that your channel is doing and you're going to have to have some videos that have views so you may not really get any stats until a month after you've had a few videos up this is a very very  important page to check I check this page multiple times a day every day and you may not need to do that as often as I do but I like to keep track of how my channels doing and if you start to see that your progress bar is going up you know you're doing something right if you start to see it going down you know you're doing something wrong and you need to start working on your videos and making them better real time will show you real-time stats but again if you don't have any videos you're not going to see anything at this point so we won't really worry about checking out all these options here until we have some data so what I'm going to do at this point is rather than monkey around with this blank Channel I'm going to switch to a different channel here and this is a channel that I am creating for myself that I actually plan to use so I have a little more filled in here if we go to channel we can take a look at some of what I filled in so I went ahead and went through the verification process so I'm verified now I can monetize my videos I can have longer videos external annotations all of those things that were grayed out before are now colored in because I went through the verification process so I can go ahead and just start uploading videos if for some reason you'd like to change your channel name you'll have to edit your Google+ name which is a link to your YouTube channel the Google+ page was created when you created your YouTube channel so to get to that you click on your channel icon you click on the gear and you get this page here you can edit the name by clicking on edit on Google+ that will open up your Google+ profile for that page and you can change the name I'm going to click Save back in YouTube here you can click on advanced you can click on create custom URL and that will replace that weird string of letters and numbers with something that's a lot better now chances are your names probably already going to be taken so you may have to be creative about what you put in here and tube tips tutorials worked now let's take a look at few more ways to customize our page if we click here on this button next to YouTube and we click on my channel this will take us to our channel this is what your channel will look like you can put a trailer here the trailer can talk about your YouTube channel or it can be a featured video I've already added some channel art here you can change that and you can add any kind of graphic you want it could have your logo on it or your name or just about anything now changing this artwork is pretty easy you can click on edit channel art and you can select a photo from your computer you want to use a pretty big image you may have to upload several images of several different sizes until you get it positioned exactly where you want it we'll click on about here and this will bring up our channel description so you'll want to go ahead and add in a channel description that describes what's on your channel and you also want to include keywords in here as well but you want to integrate the keywords into the description in addition to a description you could also include your website and you can also include what's called a CTA or a call to action which directs people to do certain things that you want them to do like for instance if people want to support my videos on patreon I'll add a link for them to do that once we have our description we can go ahead and click done to save it and now we have a description that will help people find our channel you could add your email address if you want business inquiries and then down here we can add some links which will appear on our main page we'll click the edit button and you can go ahead and add your website your Facebook your patreon page and Twitter and so on you just click this Add button to add links you can control the number of links that are overlaid on your channel I've selected four you can also add your Google+ link if you want by checking this box here we'll click on done to save those changes and if we scroll back up and we return to home it's going to take us to our page and those edits that we made will show up here now adding featured channels is a way to add other people's channels to your page and I know that sounds kind of strange but what that will do is that will make you more likely to come up randomly in YouTube searches and in other people's channels so it's a good way to market yourself so you could just add in the URLs of people who have channels that are similar to yours and it'll help you to be so si8 your channel with theirs there's a few other tabs here videos will show your videos you can look at your playlists channels and so on discussion will show a forum where people can discuss your channel and leave comments down here we can add sections I have a playlist added here just a sample playlist and if you wanted to you could add different kinds of playlists and grouping of playlists but we won't do that until we have some videos uploaded so this is your editing view if you want to view this as the public would see it you can click this top right button view as public this is going to show you what your channel will look like to others when you're done you can click done so at this point there's not much else you can do until you upload a video so what you could do is just create a little test video it doesn't have to be public you don't have to show it to anyone just something to have a couple videos to get used to the upload process which we'll take a look at next if you found this information helpful take a quick second to like this video and share it on YouTube and on Facebook and don't forget to click the subscribe button to see more of my You Tube tutorials as they're released thanks for watching and I'll see you  

Monday, February 11, 2019

How to Earn Money on YouTube: Best Tips for Beginners

How to start earning serious money on YouTube YouTube is a truly exceptional platform it allows creators from all over the world to not only share their ideas and work with the public but also we're in a living from it do you want to start your own channel or perhaps you already have one and are wondering how you can make your hobby a steady job let's find out together but before we start don't forget to subscribe to our Channel and turn on notifications now you won't miss any of our new videos major YouTube channels make a profit from their videos and work and it's a decent amount of money so if you're seriously thinking about making YouTube your main source of income where should you start what are the steps to success don't worry we've got you covered the first thing you have to do is of course start your own channel if you haven't already the magic of YouTube is that your channel can be about almost anything you can make short and meaningful cartoons sing or share your lifestyle the options are endless your YouTube account is basically the same as your Google account and you can either use it as it is or create a new one it's better to choose your username carefully because the more complicated it is the less chance there is that you'll make it big it should be something easy and memorable so that people won't be saying I saw a cool video on that channel gosh don't remember the name anyway if your current user name is just not working for you that's not a problem simply change it on your Google+ account and you're good to go the more people that find your channel the better so don't forget to add keywords connected to your content in the Advanced section of your channel settings ok now that you finally have a YouTube channel it's time to work on your content and upload it you have to find your own topics and discover your unique style try not to make your videos too long and always make sure that your audience won't get boring you want them to keep being intrigued by every second of it of course nothing happens right away and your videos and their quality will grow with you just watch a couple of the very first videos by popular youtubers they're not exactly as amazing as what they do now right well try to upgrade your content buy a better camera use better editing software and so on the key thing however is to post videos regularly if you only post videos once or twice a month your audience can quickly forget about your channel if it's not some one of a kind content so try to keep a pace of at least one video a week this way people will be waiting impatiently for the next week to find out what your new video will be and don't forget about tags and keywords make sure everyone who's interested in the topic can find your videos and this is where it all begins you can monetize your content and make money from your videos just go to my channel click on the video manager link click on channel again and choose enable monetization done from now on YouTube will place ads in your video but don't forget that to make it all work and make real money you need to have a steady audience that will watch your videos don't be shy share your videos in your social media and interact with your viewers are more often to keep it personal your audience will find you and then they'll stay there's one more simple requirement you need at least 4,000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers to start earning money if it's necessary you can monetize your old videos as well by opening video manager and clicking on the dollar sign next to them don't forget to set up Google Adsense so you can get your money you can do it for free at the Adsense website [Music] if you're younger than 18 years old ask your mom and dad to help you Adsense will need a PayPal account or valid address to know who you are and who to send the money to another important thing for any youtuber or blogger is analytics it's basically your feedback along with the comments to help you learn which topics really resonate with your audience and vice-versa every youtuber checks it regularly so if you're still building your audience pay attention to those numbers and grass they can tell you pretty much anything about your viewers and subscribers and give you ideas on how to improve and if one of your videos happen to go viral there's also a way to get your dose of profit from it simply speaking you can license your content in exchange for money now TV news media outlets and other creators will have to reach out to you for the rights to use your video ok let's say that you have a good steady audience and are earning a nice amount of money can you do anything else to step it up a little bit sure just become a YouTube partner for this you'll need to meet another requirement 15,000 cumulative watch hours for your channel over the last 90 days when you achieve that go to the YouTube Partner page do a couple of clicks and voila there are other great additions to this title as well YouTube partners have access to more creation tools community support and tips and can even win prizes not bad right you can also start selling your own merchandise once your channel starts to become more prominent of course this takes even more effort and work but it's incredibly rewarding for both the excitement of your subscribers and let's be honest your bank account and with cool merch you can get even more subscribers as people will ask others where they got such cool stuff more people will check out what you're all about then become part of your audience there are tons of affordable freelance websites that can help you with that like Fiverr and many others just search for more information on any questions you have and take some time to think about it and while we're on the topic of selling stuff you can also sell other people's products as an affiliate marketer which means that you selling them in exchange for a commission even huge companies like Amazon and eBay offer great deals to affiliate marketers promoting their products so it won't be a problem to go with this if you decide to however it may change and affect your content as you'll have to review your affiliate products leave links to them in the description or even make how to use tutorials which isn't that bad for a lifestyle blog but may not be suitable for blogs with other themes looking for sponsorship with certain companies for advertisements can also be an excellent solution so to put it briefly all you need to make it big on YouTube is hard work determination creativity and belief in yourself just like with any other job out there so what are you waiting for start to share your ideas and creations now and turn your favorite hobby into your dream job good luck do you know any small but amazing YouTube channels that you can recommend for others to check out tell us in the comments below don't forget to give us a like and click subscribe to stay on the bright side of life