5 Tips to start a Successful YouTube channel

- July 07, 2017
If you want to start a YouTube channel and you want to be a youtuber but you're not sure how to go about it so you have some tips well you have come to the right place this is something that I get asked a lot on my channel so I'm​ going to show you top 5 tips to start a successful YouTube channel and hopefully these will help you to get the best start now.
5 Tips to start a Successful YouTube channel

How to make quality videos for youtube

1. Making Qualily Videos 

Now it doesn't mean that you have to go invest a lot of money in a new camera. most smartphones do just fine with good quality video. So you can use your smartphone to record videos.

2. Upload a New Video EverydayTopics for YouTube videos

If you upload a new video every day on YouTube, then the rank of your YouTube channel will improve and your subscribers and views will also increase.

3. Making videos on the same topic

best topics for youtube videos

Creating a video on a same topic means that if your channel is a Tech YouTube channel, then you just make videos on Tech Topic.

4. Give Good Title, Tags and DiscriptionWhat is youtube seo

Giveyour video a good title so your viewers can easily understand, You can also find good titles from Google keyword research tool.

Giving good tags to your video is most important thing, you can use Google keyword tool to find best tags for your video
You have to write a description about your video

5. Make Attractive Thumbnail

How make thumbnail
Thumbnail represents your video so you have to make a good thumbnail for your video, if you are a Android YouTuber so you can use YouTube's official "YouTube Creators Studio" application on your smartphone.